Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever

Many of my friend’s, co-workers and family members are going thoroughly stir crazy with cabin fever. Not I, though. For me, premium tobacco, cold beer and interesting books mitigate the distress caused by the slings and arrows of this mortal coil.

With businesses shutting down across the United States, and reports of Coronavirus multiplying with every news cycle, many cigar stores remain open despite this time of national crisis. Most have closed their lounge areas and reduced staff, but still allow customers to buy cigars. Others have had to close their shops completely. And for a lucky few, it’s still business as usual.

All of my favorite cigar spots are covertly supplying sticks to their loyal customers despite warnings from law enforcement. It’s fun to creep through the dimly lit humidors of Chicago, whispering your cigar order through a surgical mask. It feels like being a speakeasy patron during prohibition.

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