Meat: Medicine for the Mind

Adopting the dietary habits of a rabbit will make you anxious and sad.

The researchers found “clear evidence” that those who abstained from consuming meat tended to have higher rates or risk of depression, anxiety, and self-harm compared to those who did not. Less clear was how meat consumption was related to stress perception and quality of life.

“My co-authors and I were truly surprised at how consistent the relation between meat-avoidance and the increased prevalence of mental illness was across populations. As we stated in our conclusion, ‘Our study does not support meat avoidance as a strategy to benefit psychological health,’” Dobersek told PsyPost.

The human body was designed to eat meat, so the gears start to grind when the system is denied such vital nutrients. Equally as important, I think, is that vegetarians so often become vegetarians for the purposes of virtue signaling, snowflaking or expressing their dweeby political disposition. Put another way, mentally ill individuals are more likely to become vegetarians in the first place.

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