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The Shadow People Still Want Flynn’s Head

The secret manipulators of government policy in The United States are not happy that all charges have been dropped against former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn.

Gleeson on Monday proposed that the judge allow the government and outside groups to respond after he files his argument in three weeks. Also Monday, in one of the first publicly released draft filings to advise the court, more than 960 former Justice Department prosecutors accused Barr of appearing to serve the president’s personal political interests. The prosecutors, whose service dates to President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration, said in the filing that Barr violated his oath to faithfully execute the law and helped Trump undermine the Constitution by giving an aide impunity to lie to government investigators.

In a 34-page friend-of-the-court brief organized by attorneys with the nonpartisan, nonprofit group Protect Democracy and Harvard Law School professor Andrew Manuel Crespo, former prosecutors argued that Supreme Court precedent gives Sullivan authority to undertake “a searching review” of Flynn’s case and to “protect the public interest in the evenhanded enforcement of our laws.”

Okay, whatever.

Flynn took the plea deal because his family was in danger. He was a sacrificial lamb that was steamrolled, and he was betrayed by his defense team.

Flynn was guilty of nothing. He was defeated using Soviet entrapment tactics. In fact, Flynn was so innocent that he naively believed that he needn’t exert much energy to defend himself, because defend himself against what?

Flynn was going to be critical for Trump’s ability to get his agenda through, that’s why they went after him.

With Flynn in the picture, there’s probably no Russia Gate.

With Flynn in the picture, the Ukraine Gate impeachment probably doesn’t happen.

What happened to Flynn could only happen if a deep state exists. America has been lawless for a long time. Hopefully, the Trump dynasty, carried on by Trump’s children, will Make America Great Again.


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