How Many Universities Will Corona Kill?

One the the many possible beneficial side effects of the fake COVID-19 pandemic is the arrival of the feasible chance that many young people may, voting with their wallets, decide to pull the plug on the leech-like universities of the Western world.

He said: “Students have an extraordinary responsibility this year because for the first time in my living memory they have the ability to bring institutions down to bankruptcy.

“They can just vote with their feet in ways they have never been able to before.”

Universities need to communicate

“On the one hand, students have a responsibility to understand that just opting to skip out on college for a year, as many can afford to do, can literally shut down the institution, whereas, on the other hand, if institutions don’t realise that they need to communicate what it is that is happening next year for students, students should do exactly that.”

Nelson said that for the first time, students had the role of determining what universities should be doing “and which ones will have the right to serve them in moving forward”.

Good. May the entire fraudulent system of secondary education collapse into a smoldering creator. Mandate that the newly out of work professors immediately busy themselves with productive work, like extracting sodium chloride in a Serbian salt mine. Follow all that up with a jubilee of all student loan debt. Sound outrageous? Stranger things have happened…

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