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George Floyd Zombies Bare Fangs In Chicago

Idiots are smashing windows and using cars and buses as trampolines a few miles from my house.

After intense clashes overnight, a Loop protest has escalated with thousands of demonstrators marching, burning at least one flag, climbing onto a bus and a light pole and surrounding police officers on Saturday afternoon.

As of 3:30 p.m., hundreds were marching north, and became more and more raucous, even hostile throwing fireworks, bottles, and reportedly a liquid near officers.

Protesters began cheering as several somehow hopped onto a 151 bus, carrying flags. The bus, that was halted, was occupied by a driver, and did not appear to have many passengers.

“Many came to the downtown area in Chicago last night,” Brown said. “The protesting early on started peacefully and ended more aggressive and intense.”

I don’t know what led to Floyd laying cheek to cheek with the pavement or if the pressure of Chauvin’s knee was severe enough to cause death. The video looks bad, but it doesn’t look like Chauvin’s knee is cutting off Floyd’s air either. It almost looks like the knee is just lightly resting on top of Floyd to keep him from moving. Also, how is Floyd talking so clearly if he can’t breath?

Taking into account my personal interactions with police, I would not be shocked to learn that Chauvin is a sadistic pussy worthy of termination. I also would not be surprised if the preliminary findings are true, and Floyd died because of underlying health conditions plus drugs.

The real problems will begin to occur when it is proven that Chauvin did not kill Floyd and there is no conviction. We know all to well that SJWs never let facts interrupt the screeching eulogy of a new black American martyr. Let the mega riots ensue.

I do hope that the stupidity of the SJW protestors does not grant them a false sense of safety that causes them to try and rub their stink into my neck of the suburbs.


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