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I’m Running Out of Popcorn

The fallout caused by the supposed death of George Floyd is as riveting as an expertly written dystopian sci-fi novel. I’m almost out of popcorn, but I have no shortage of questions…

Is he really dead? George Floyd, I mean. If so, did the police kill him? Floyd was shouting about not being able to breath before he was placed on the ground, and the position of Chauvin’s knee could not have cut off Floyd’s air. So, maybe Floyd died because his heart finally admitted defeat in exhaustion after several decades of delivering narcotics to the rest of Floyd’s organs? Or maybe Floyd is in a hideaway house paid for by the Deep State, laughing as he exhales crack rock smoke.

Is this good or bad for Trump? So far Trump has watched with folded arms as cities burn from coast to coast. He appears to be waiting for everything to simmer down so that he can take measures when the smoke clears. Is this weak? I wager that normal people are thinking something like “If this is how the looneys of the radical left behave when disenfranchised, imagine the hellscape that awaits us if a swamp creature captures the throne again”.

I just don’t think Trump will lose his base, because Trump is the only viable option that decent people have left.

However, what if none of that matters? What if Trump’s lukewarm response to the riots disfigures his reputation with permanent scars? What if his key allies feel insecure and flee and Trump is enveloped by the swamp? If that happens, Trump will only be able to administrate with subprime effectiveness, even if he is elected. After all, very, very powerful people want Trump dead. If Trump’s grip on the helm slips under pressure, the consequences may be fatal. We shall see.

Pray for Trump. Pray for real Americans.

Until then, it’s time for a Costco run to nab a 44 count box of buttered, movie theater style popcorn. Watching America crumble into dust leaves one feeling snackish.


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