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CHAZ Is Already Over

Aerial view of CHAZ

Because the hem of the left side of the political bell curve is where the criminals and whack jobs live.

Like any resolute conspiracy theorist, I’ve been waiting for photos proving George Floyd is still alive. I was hopeful that the officers and the degenerates filming the arrest would have been discovered to be crisis actors by this point in the story of Georgie. Part of me is still expecting the release of a hitherto unseen camera angle that shatters the official narrative. This video might show Floyd being injected with poison or fentanyl. Perhaps we’d hear Floyd and Chauvin practicing their lines before hitting the street for their big performances.

Lamentably, none of this has happened.

So, thank heavens for CHAZ. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has provided no little comedy. The demands for prison abolition. The shootings. The pizza box victory gardens and unbridled sex crimes. Hot vegan shish kabobs at the No Cop Co-Op. The ghetto, candle-lit grief rituals. Emancipation Day dance parties. Death, filth and idiocy.

Heaven is a place on earth!

Sadly, it appears that the end of CHAZ is already here. The “protestors” have fled like cockroaches retreating from the stinging light of day. Very few of the Capital Hill crusaders remain and large trash piles have been left behind.

High leftist concentration means dystopia. Always. Leftists devour one another like Congolese cannibals, because the leftist mind has but one setting: DESTROY. A spiritual deformity encumbers the leftist’s creative faculties. This being so, leftists are forever barred from participating in the splendor of celebrating life’s beauty through benevolent creation. For that reason, the leftist is forever resentful and she seeks to demoralize good people by tearing down all that is beautiful and virtuous.



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