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You Can’t Pin The Flynn

A federal appeals court has ordered a dissolution of the dishonorable case against Michael Flynn.

A divided federal appeals court panel ordered an immediate end on Wednesday to the case against Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser — delivering a major victory to Mr. Flynn and to the Justice Department, which had sought to drop the case.

In the ruling, two of three judges on a panel for the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ordered the trial judge overseeing the matter, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, to immediately dismiss the case without further review. The third accused his colleagues of “grievously” overstepping their powers, and the full appeals court has the option of reviewing the matter.

Grievously overstepping their power? How about when Emmet Sullivan showed his middle finger to the entire DOJ by appointing a former federal judge to argue against the governments bid to dismiss the case? Was that an abuse of power?

How about Sullivan’s most recent and unprecedented act of defiance? The USG has found evidence not revealed to the court or the defendant. Yet, Sullivan has not dismissed the case and cancelled the July 16th hearing.

Given Sullivan’s unethical history, he’ll most likely seek a review from the D.C. Circuit Court to challenge the ruling.


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