No Success Without Consistency

I’ve recently joined a tennis league. I’m looking to get back in the game. Summer fun at the tennis courts are some of my best middle school memories. I’ll play 15 matches this year. Five Spring. Five Summer. Five Fall.

I smashed my first two opponents no problem. All I had to do to win was keep the ball in play and wait for my opponents to make a mistake. So, that was easy work. With two wins under my belt, I felt like pretty hot shit. Then, much to my anger, I started getting crushed.

First, Jim bullied me at his local country club. No matter where I stood on the court, he returned my volleys with such accuracy that I had to sprint and stretch for the ball. I was serving more powerfully than ever. It didn’t matter. I lost 12 out of 14 games.

Today, I was creamed again. Leonard had a nasty serve. Stinky cheese. He was skilled at hitting the ball directly at my feet or just a few inches in front of me. That was difficult because I would have to jump back while swinging and it jammed me. Also, I couldn’t hit the ball to his backhand side. Again and again, I offered easy shots to his forehand. I lost 12 out of 13 games.

Only with consistent drills and practice will I beat players that can hit the lanes and make few mistakes. Jim and Leonard are athletic by nature. Plus, they’re in good shape. All the same, they have also played tennis once a week for a couple years. I have only played tennis eight times in the last two years. My goal is to play tennis once a week for the rest of the year so I have better chance of beating skilled opponents.

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