Collapse Around The Corner

A handful of alternative media political analysts I enjoy have recently asserted that America is not on a path to civil war and balkanization. They say that racial tension and political instability is nothing new for the United States. Today’s discord is not qualitatively different than the clashes of yesterday. So, we will make like our predecessors and withstand the disturbances. Every generation has phases of unrest. The social upheavals, radical ethnic factions and unprecedentedly enormous levels of mass immigration in the twentieth century didn’t crash the country. Accordingly, COVID-19 and a few Antifa zombies are small potatoes. We’ve seen and survived worse. This too shall pass, they say.

Unfortunately, this is missing the forest for the trees.

Moderates don’t realize that the demise of America is all but guaranteed by historical precedent. America has been in freefall for decades, and the crash IS coming. Period. Analysts are often deaf to the ominous warnings left by the failed societies of the past. Their go-to system of analysis and prediction as it relates to the probability of a collapse is to juxtapose current events against examples of seemingly similar social instability that occurred in the second half of the twentieth century in America. This hugely flawed model leads to the false conclusions that I summarized in the first paragraph. Without a proven method for comprehensive understanding of the socio-political world, the correct answer is unreachable, because the right questions aren’t asked.

COVID-19 lockdowns, unemployment, Antifa zombies and nearly all other components of the societal stress that has characterized 2020 are literally meaningless when stacked against the real catastrophe that is our destiny.

America will cease to exist in it’s current form, because America is demographically doomed. Since 1965, 60 million people have migrated to American. This mass influx of almost entirely non-European migrants changed the character of the US forever, rendering it post-political. Politics is ideology and ideology’s time is up, because tens of millions of non(anti)-Western ethic minority invaders are now occupying America. Going forward, American governmental feuding and discourse will consist of warring racial identities, not competing attitudes toward different types of administration as politics has been hitherto understood in the US.

America (the State) is now an amalgamation of different nations. All homogenous nations began as heterogenous nations, because diversity + proximity = war. That’s just the way of the world.

The Establishment (i.e. the foreigners who control and hate the US) forced diversity and social equality onto heritage Americans, because they knew it was the best way to destroy us.

To wrap it up, (post-)America is now made up of multiple nations. These new (post-)American nations have absolutely nothing in common with one another. There is no shared history. There is no shared culture. The nations differ wildly in how they prefer to be governed. Assimilation was always a joke. The idea of the melting pot was propaganda created to subvert the European populations of America. It was a lie from the beginning.

Don’t get caught of guard, because it is going to blow. Xenophobia, as it’s called these days, is a feature, not a bug. No amount of virtue signaling or sincere desire to build a utopia of diversity will ever be enough to veto the ancient laws of human tribalism.

The reckoning is unlikely to pop off tomorrow, but it’s coming sooner than you think.

Prepare accordingly.

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