Left-Liberals Don’t Have Much Depth

Have you noticed that progressivism attracts the petty?

Seemingly, leftists spend time thinking about social reform, systemic discrimination and how to use science and technology to improve the human condition. With such heady concerns and sensitivity to the suffering of others, one would expect leftists to be individuals of great maturity and depth of character.

Is that what you’ve seen, though?

I haven’t forgotten how much my progressive classmates and professors disappointed me. Mind-expanding discussions aimed at truth is what I wanted. It’s also what I expected. Instead, too often, class discussion in my liberal arts courses degenerated down to trifling spats wherein the student who gave the best “performance” was deemed winner by class and professor alike. Many times, the topic of debate appeared to serve as little more than a springboard for these little pseudo-intellectual recitals and this was dismaying.

Of course, every single liberal arts professor that taught me in college was of the hard left. Nearly all of the students were leftists as well. Of the hundreds of leftist students that I met in college, I can’t remember a single one of them ever disagreeing with or challenging the radical views of the professors. How does that happen? How do hundreds of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds all agree with each other about absolutely everything in perfect lockstep?

It’s because ideology was like fashion to these people. To disagree with a progressive sentiment was like wearing white after Labor Day. Uncool. Not sexy. It would make you one of the lame kids. Of course, students also avoided self-confessed right-leaning perspectives, because the professors allowed and sometimes encouraged the bullying (what else can you call it?) of non-leftists students. I had a feminist professor who would twist her resting bitch-face into a full blown scowl of hatred and shoot daggers at me during lectures. It didn’t matter that I was a paying student with a hunger to learn. She needed me to know that she didn’t want people like me getting an education.

I wrote for my university’s student-run newspaper. Each Monday we had a staff meeting to discuss important current events and generate ideas. There was plenty to write about. Wikileaks had begun releasing confidential diplomatic documents, the space rover, Curiosity, was sending us 360° panoramic images from Mars and a presidential election was approaching. The progressives that wrote for the paper couldn’t be bothered by these news items. They wanted to write op-eds calling out the university for not employing enough female administrators (or similar sex-based, identity grievances). They never bothered to explain why the school needed more female administrators. They never even felt the need to explain how women would make the school stronger. They wanted to see women in power, because they were women. It was all so very petty!

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