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Evil’s Achilles

Evil has earthly advantages. In pursuing an end, moral considerations are no barricade to to Evil’s path. This invincibility to the sting of shame caused by one’s own bad behavior is why the elite of all large, modern systems are wicked.

Don’t despair. Evil has built-in blind spots.

Evil is helpless to conceptualize a mind that sacrifices for the good of others. Evil is fully convinced that ALL actions – even actions that are evidently selfless – are consciously executed to benefit the actor.

Evil watches with folded arms as a fire fighter pulls a boy from a burning building and concludes that the hero saved a life for no other reason than it made the hero appear strong in the eyes of others. Evil would never risk his safety to reduce suffering in others or face harm to drive out spiritual corruption.

In sum, the Achilles of Evil is a lack of imagination. Evil cannot conceive of the motivations of the Good. So, yes, Evil is a cunning master ruling you with an armored fist. You must not despair!

Evil is atheism to the sincerity of benevolence!

Therefore, when you finally aim your sword and strike for the greater good, Evil will never see you coming!


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