Profiting From The Presidential Election

2020 presidential election

With the election less than 72 hours away, anticipation rises. 

Of course, all of the official news and polling organizations have it wrong. Biden will not win handedly. Nor will he will by a small margin. Trump will be the victor with a decisive win.

You can bet on it, in fact. Those who were in the know – those not fooled by the counter-information that is the air we breath – and willing to take a calculated risk, made considerable money betting on a Trump victory in 2016. 

You can make money this time around too. The reward will not be as large this time around, because Trump is not seen as such a comical underdog anymore. Nevertheless, easy money is available for the taking.

As I write this, the fractional odds of a Trump victory are being reported as either 3/2 or 8/5. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you bet $3,000 that Trump will win next Tuesday. Your reward would be the amount that you put up times the fractional odds. Plus you get your original principal back.

So, a 3/2 payout would be:

$3,000 * 1.5 = $4,5000 + $3,000 = $7,500
And a 8/5 payout would be:

$3,000 * 1.6 = $4,800 + $3,000 = $7,800

Remember, you should never place a bet with money that you couldn’t already afford to lose. I plan to bet a couple thousand. I’m so tempted to bet much more. I’d be nice to start the holiday season with a windfall. My cautiousness won’t allow me to put up that kind of cash despite my strong confidence in the inevitability of the second term of President Trump.

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