What If?

Biden wins

What if, against the odds, Biden is somehow announced winner next Tuesday? There have been many reports of large scale voting fraud perpetrated by progressives. What if the permanently entrenched political elite conspire with mass media to execute a coup? What if the propaganda puppet masters have decided to announce a Biden victory regardless of voting results? If the media refuses to report a Trump victory, is the victory erased?

Anyway, the point is, I’m betting on a Trump victory, but you never can know for certain. 
Regardless, of the outcome, you should not worry.

Yes, Biden will be a terrible leader and president. He will start senseless wars and introduce fiscal policies harmful to productive Americans. He will extend the destructive mask-wearing/lockdown madness for as long as is possible. He will use the manufactured problem of supposedly earth-destroying CO2 emissions to wreck industries and justify micro-surveillance for all individuals deemed hostile to the political class. Of course, Biden will further subjugate decent and innocent people with more and more forced diversity, tolerance, equality and so on. 

That’s OK, though. Americans have begun to wake up over the past four years. They are now starting to understand that the mere existence of white people in large numbers will always be labeled as white supremacy by those that hate Western Civilization. Even normies seem to suspect that to be American is to be ruled by foreigners that hate you. More than ever, Americans are starting to grasp that debt and immigration are the cause of giant share of their problems.

A Binden presidency would only make the evils of progressivism and globalism louder and less deniable, bringing us one step closer to our destiny – civil war/repatriation/Balkanization/large scale violence/tribalism and the end of the American Empire.

Interesting days are upon us.

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