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Interesting Facts About Karl Marx

Karl Marx was an incompetent manager of his own money and a frequenter of his local pawn shop. At one point, he was the only person able to leave his house, because he owned the family’s last pair of pants.

Marx wrote about finance and industry his whole life, but he had practically no contact with anyone working in finance or industry. As far as we know, Marx never stepped foot in an industrial workplace for the whole of his life.

Marx rarely washed himself. He most likely stank to high heaven.

Marx drank heavily, causing liver problems.

Marx’s body was covered in boils (probably because he took so few baths). The boils got so bad they led to a nervous breakdown.

Marx never really had a job.

Marx was constantly borrowing money from friends and family. These loans were rarely paid back. He argued that his family was rich and had a moral duty to support him in his important work. His family eventually cut him off completely. Marx’s mother was quoted as saying, “I wish Karl would accumulate capital instead of just writing about it.”

Marx wrote about the horrors of the exploitation of the working class. Meanwhile, Marx himself exploited the working class again and again by consuming services he refused to pay for (he ripped off the baker, butcher, milkman, chemist, ect).

Marx never paid his live-in maid a penny (not even after he impregnated her and denied being the father of the child), turning her into a house-bound slave.

Marx survived by exploiting those that cared for him best.

*This information was taken from Stefan Molyneux’s video “The Truth About Karl Marx“.


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