It’s Not About The TV

To receive my concealed carry license in Illinois, I had to take 16 hours of classroom training. 

During class, the students debated whether it was morally justified to shoot a burglar in the back as he made off through your front door with your valuable property.

Of course, the demonic school marms of the group came with no shortage of moral preening. “Shooting someone over the loss of a flat screen TV is ridiculous!”

It’s not about the TV. It’s about whose peace of mind and safety and freedom do you value most? Is it that of a degenerate (probably irredeemable) criminal or that of a law-abiding family?

Imagine how much more confidence good people would have and how much more cautious criminals would be if the US had universal castle doctrine.

Also, why are you tripping over yourself with concern for B&E lowlifes while showing no concern for the wholesome family being terrorized?

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