Pence Fails, Real Americans Step Up

I never trusted Vice President Pence. His cowardice is the ugly outcome of a long and storied tradition of surrender artistry. He should have been a man, choose the side of truth and virtue and tossed out all of the electors from the cheating states. Pence’s desire to do the right thing was not as strong as his desire to avoid the wrath of the Deep State. I believe it’s safe to assume that when President Trump begins his second term, Mike Pence will not be standing by his side. Imagine how embarrassed Pence’s family must be to watch his cowardice turn into betrayal of The Great God Emperor.

Hats off to the patriots that stormed the capitol today, preventing the cretins within from certifying the electors. I have two of these Trump 2020 Victory Cigars in toro aging in my humidor.

Can’t wait to light up when all and sundry are forced to admit that Trump isn’t going anywhere.

Kneel before your ruler.

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