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I Was Wrong About Trump

It certainly appears so, at least. 

Biden didn’t win. Corporate media knows it. Politicians know it. The American people know. The world knows. Trump knows that his historic, landslide victory was stolen by the same people that talk about democracy and suffrage like sacrosanct entitlements from God. 

The statistical anomalies are unprecedented. The impossibly massive voter turnout in key democrat electorates is an alarm bell stuffed in an anomaly, wrapped in a red flag. We’re meant to believe that – by an amazingly fortunate coincidence for the left – Biden outperformed Obama in these key urban areas despite Trump picking up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country. 

Then, there is the fact that GOP poll observers were removed to the cheers of the vote counters. USPS employees reported being told to backdate ballots to the day before. There is footage of mysterious, 2 am deliveries of ballots with no documentation of custody right before the math defying spike in Biden votes.

This fraud was obnoxiously amateurish. Need I go on?

Dominion voting software switched Trump votes to Biden votes. In 353 counties, there were 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens. A ridiculously disproportionate amount of mail-in ballots came in for Biden. For example, in PA, in nearly every county, Trump was awarded exactly 40% less votes than he won on election day. Meaning, if Trump won 80% of the vote on election day, he won 40% of the mail-in vote for a county. 

The number of unlawful ballots that were awarded to Biden is absurd. Biden lost. You’ll notice that the only people that deny that Biden lost are the same people that repeat whatever the last thing they heard being said from corporate media as if it is an objective reporting of facts. I hate leftists. 

Alphas don’t allow their destiny to be stolen. Real leaders fight for the people that put their necks on the line to stand up for them. That’s why I thought Trump would cross the Rubicon. 

During his term, Trump protected his constituency from invaders. He put America first, making trade deals that benefited us instead of globalist creeps. He struck fear in the hearts of anti-Westerners and fought against the establishment’s policies of mandatory degeneracy. Trump was a fantastic President. 

So, I thought he would join the Caesars of history and, with the military, stop the illegitimate transition of power to a party of losers whose clear objective is to destroy and enslave real Americans. I was so sure I bet two grand on it

Guess I was wrong. Maybe not. I still hold out hope. Trump is the 4d chess master they say. Maybe Trump will save the day by playing the long game. Stranger things have happened. 

One thing is for sure. Half the country no longer believes in the legitimacy of the system. 

And that is a dangerous situation indeed. Dangerous for whom? That’s what I would be asking myself now if I were pathetic enough to be a leftist.


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