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Witches Brew

October feeds my oversized idealism, ballooning it to grotesque dimensions.

Idyllic as they are, the many charms of warm weather months cannot equal October when the satin breeze of hunting season stokes the crackling hearth.

When the pantry is ripe with harvest-fresh apples, and lanes with marigolds are fragrant, the soul leaps and sings the psalm of the season – “Thank the Heavens For the Days of October!”

I can’t believe how gay this is.

Fall aficionados enjoy horror flicks and spooky cocktails. Last Saturday, A Nightmare On Elm Street (Wes Craven’s original classic) and a steaming caldron of Witches Brew provided creepy entertainment.

Witches Brew is an eerie mixed drink that looks and tastes like witch blood. It’s a very cinematic drink. It looks more like a movie prop than a tasty Halloween beverage.

Witches Brew ingredients:

2 oz Midori

2 oz Cointreau

1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Inch Block Dry Ice

1 Maraschino Cherry

He’s how to make the drink.

First, let’s take the Midori, the Cointreau and the Lemon Juice and toss them into a cocktail shaker. Then, add two handfuls of normal ice cubes and stir until cold. Now, strain the drink into a lowball glass and garnish the drink with a single Maraschino Cherry.

Now comes the fun part. Double, double, toil and trouble – it’s time to turn that cocktail glass into a smoldering witch cauldron!

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Quite a few grocery stores sell it in 12X12 slabs. I bought some at Miejer, check your local grocery markets for availability.

Line your kitchen sink with a clean towel for protection. With mallet and screwdriver, break the dry ice into 1 inch blocks. Now, drop a block into your drink and *POW*. Instantly, your drink is now steaming and gurgling. It’s a great effect. The radioactive lizard color is perfect, because when the cocktail is doing it’s thing it looks like a mad scientist’s bubbling potion.

How does the drink taste? Well, it’s obnoxiously sweet like melting a bag of green sweet tarts. So, not good. But, come on. Who didn’t see that coming? Witches Brew isn’t about enjoying taste. It’s about drinking in the spirit of the season with a candy sweet Halloween drink!


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