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The French Quarter In January

Chicago is an icy hellscape, so I decide to celebrate the new year with a trip to New Orleans. It’s 71 °F when I step out of Loui Armstrong Airport and into the sticky heat of the south. My driver says he moved to New Orleans from Jordan six years ago. He gives me aContinue reading “The French Quarter In January”


When In Dallas

Visit 400 Grandi. I recommend the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese. It’s a dense mound of pasta ribbons dressed in meat ragu. The taste and texture is from another world. The dish conquered my ageusia. Order the Salami Board for savory tidbits of cured meats and cheeses, Italian bread and pickled vegetables for a pre-entree rehearsal. IfContinue reading “When In Dallas”

Being A Grown Up Feels Like Punishment

I have a giant, existential chip on my shoulder. My default emotional state is bored, gloomy irritation. Especially with the chores and social obligations that make up the bulk of waking life. I resent the passionless, undifferentiated routines of adulthood. It takes a lot to make my happy. It takes very little to upset me.Continue reading “Being A Grown Up Feels Like Punishment”

I Was Wrong About Trump

It certainly appears so, at least.  Biden didn’t win. Corporate media knows it. Politicians know it. The American people know. The world knows. Trump knows that his historic, landslide victory was stolen by the same people that talk about democracy and suffrage like sacrosanct entitlements from God.  The statistical anomalies are unprecedented. The impossibly massiveContinue reading “I Was Wrong About Trump”