You Can’t Pin The Flynn

A federal appeals court has ordered a dissolution of the dishonorable case against Michael Flynn. A divided federal appeals court panel ordered an immediate end on Wednesday to the case against Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser — delivering a major victory to Mr. Flynn and to the Justice Department, which had sought toContinue reading “You Can’t Pin The Flynn”

CHAZ Pests Won’t Leave

The size of the occupation is shrinking, but a couple hundred freedom fighters are resisting attempts by the city to return to normalcy. It makes sense. Bed bugs and termites never go away on their own. Several hundred demonstrators are staying in an autonomous area claimed by protesters for racial justice in Seattle, even asContinue reading “CHAZ Pests Won’t Leave”

CHAZ Is Already Over

Because the hem of the left side of the political bell curve is where the criminals and whack jobs live. Like any resolute conspiracy theorist, I’ve been waiting for photos proving George Floyd is still alive. I was hopeful that the officers and the degenerates filming the arrest would have been discovered to be crisisContinue reading “CHAZ Is Already Over”

Working From Home

A new study has found that freeing oneself from grueling commutes, swarming cubicle farms and constant interruptions is really stressful. He’s not the only one, a recent survey from found that more than 50% of people were feeling burnout working from home. Many people unintentionally working longer hours. The study said 52% of peopleContinue reading “Working From Home”

I’m Running Out of Popcorn

The fallout caused by the supposed death of George Floyd is as riveting as an expertly written dystopian sci-fi novel. I’m almost out of popcorn, but I have no shortage of questions… Is he really dead? George Floyd, I mean. If so, did the police kill him? Floyd was shouting about not being able toContinue reading “I’m Running Out of Popcorn”

What Happened To COVID-19?

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and it’s gone. The air of America is so thick with wokeness all the virus cells were shoved off the coasts and sank to the bottom of the oceans. Actually, wait. I guess not. The wave of mass protests across the United States will almost certainly set off new chains of infection for theContinue reading “What Happened To COVID-19?”

George Floyd Zombies Bare Fangs In Chicago

Idiots are smashing windows and using cars and buses as trampolines a few miles from my house. After intense clashes overnight, a Loop protest has escalated with thousands of demonstrators marching, burning at least one flag, climbing onto a bus and a light pole and surrounding police officers on Saturday afternoon. As of 3:30 p.m.,Continue reading “George Floyd Zombies Bare Fangs In Chicago”

The Allure of Assimilation

Law Professor Frank Wu ponders the allure of assimilation for Asians in America. Among the quarrels of immigrant parents and their progeny is whether to assimilate. Neighbors who all share the same birthright under the same roof may not be familiar with the dilemma which exceeds their own experiences. The dutiful child who displays filialContinue reading “The Allure of Assimilation”

America Was Never Meant To Be A Nation OF Immigrants

COVID-19 (the grand daddy of all problem-reaction-solution events) has killed 30 million America jobs. So, why on earth would any sane leader of the USG allow immigrants to enter the nation during a time of crisis and economic uncertainty to polish off the last of the remaining work?

You Shouldn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

At the same time, I do suggest that you occasionally pause to soak up and savor the small moments of insanity and sickness that you’re afforded a ringside view of as a denizen of a 21st century, post-American corporatocracy. Example: My boss has reprimanded me more than once for calling him ‘dude’. This happens becauseContinue reading “You Shouldn’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

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