How Many Universities Will Corona Kill?

One the the many possible beneficial side effects of the fake COVID-19 pandemic is the arrival of the feasible chance that many young people may, voting with their wallets, decide to pull the plug on the leech-like universities of the Western world. He said: “Students have an extraordinary responsibility this year because for the firstContinue reading “How Many Universities Will Corona Kill?”

Judge Emmitt Sullivan Has Got Some Splainin To Do

Biased Judge Emmitt Sullivan is ordered to explain why he hasn’t dismissed the case against Michael Flynn. Again, Flynn took a bullet for his family by pleading guilty to crimes he did not commit. The USG has unending resources. So, even a relatively wealthy person is in big trouble when the criminal elements of AmericanContinue reading “Judge Emmitt Sullivan Has Got Some Splainin To Do”

The Shadow People Still Want Flynn’s Head

The secret manipulators of government policy in The United States are not happy that all charges have been dropped against former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn. Gleeson on Monday proposed that the judge allow the government and outside groups to respond after he files his argument in three weeks. Also Monday, in one ofContinue reading “The Shadow People Still Want Flynn’s Head”

Indian Summer

I’m not ready for whiskey neat. Basil Hayden’s is only 80 proof bourbon and it’s like drinking cologne. So, I’ll start with cocktails, taking baby steps toward the straight stuff. Indian Summer is like a spiked citrus punch with an autumnal twist. It’s name is taken from the phenomenon that happens on occasion in theContinue reading “Indian Summer”

Oceania Sells Out of Telescreens

Freudian slip. What I meant to say is that the Apple store has sold out of it’s “smart speaker”, the Homepod. Sorry. Apple’s $299 HomePod is no longer able to be purchased from the online store because it’s been out of stock since this morning. Both the white and space gray versions of the ‌HomePod‌Continue reading “Oceania Sells Out of Telescreens”

Meat: Medicine for the Mind

Adopting the dietary habits of a rabbit will make you anxious and sad. The researchers found “clear evidence” that those who abstained from consuming meat tended to have higher rates or risk of depression, anxiety, and self-harm compared to those who did not. Less clear was how meat consumption was related to stress perception andContinue reading “Meat: Medicine for the Mind”

The Death of the Supergod

William James Tychonievich explains why being Christian does not require one to subscribe to the classical theistic concept of an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent creator. By “Supergod,” I mean the fanciful being for whom the more familiar philosophy-class shorthand is “Omni-God” — this latter prefix referring to the various polysyllabic epithets with which this imaginary deityContinue reading “The Death of the Supergod”

Ahmaud Arbery Was Just Jogging…

…and Michael Brown was only teasing when he lunged for Officer Wilson’s pistol. Also, Trayvon Martin was simply walking home and looking forward to sharing some Twizzlers with his grandmother until George Zimmerman sprung from a manhole and shot him through the heart. Oh, and Shaun King is a trustworthy and virtuous man, not aContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery Was Just Jogging…”

President Trump Is Made Of Graphene

Trump’s approval rating is higher than it’s ever been in the face of the calamity caused by the China Virus. This news should soften the hearts of cynics and misanthropes. Support for Trump is a reliable proxy appraisal of the quality of a person’s character. (CNN)The narrative seemed set: After a brief surge of public support forContinue reading “President Trump Is Made Of Graphene”

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