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Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever

Many of my friend’s, co-workers and family members are going thoroughly stir crazy with cabin fever. Not I, though. For me, premium tobacco, cold beer and interesting books mitigate the distress caused by the slings and arrows of this mortal coil. With businesses shutting down across the United States, and reports of Coronavirus multiplying withContinue reading “Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever”


Fake Pandemic Kills Fake American Economy

Unemployment rates skyrocket, because the government prevents Americans from being productive. It is a stunning number that’s only topped by levels reached during the Great Depression (there was no official unemployment report at the time but the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates unemployment may have reached 25%). The largest decrease in employment on record occurredContinue reading “Fake Pandemic Kills Fake American Economy”