The Supernatural Metaphysics of Childhood

That’s the Sears Tower stealing the show. I took the picture during a flight home from Las Vegas. Chicago from the sky is an encounter from another world. Downtown fits inside the peephole of my thumb and forefinger. Imaginations burst forth. The Sultan of the Indies on a magic carpet. Bellerphone on Pegasus. Mount Olympus.Continue reading “The Supernatural Metaphysics of Childhood”

I Can’t Go On

Please tell Tom Clancy that technical details about weaponry and submarine mechanics is not story telling. I’m 200 pages in and half of what I’ve read amounts to military tech porn. This novel had potential. A Soviet submarine captain goes rouge, defecting to America, after an incompetent, communist (I repeat myself) doctor kills his wifeContinue reading “I Can’t Go On”

Super Hero Popularity As Symptom Of Cultural Failure

Do you remember when super hero lore was a fringe hobby for invisible dorkuses? Those were the days. Back then, if you saw a man wearing a Batman shirt, you assumed he had a learning disability. You felt sorry for him. Praise be the day superheroes return to the ghettos of entertainment and pop cultureContinue reading “Super Hero Popularity As Symptom Of Cultural Failure”

Thought #28

Ability before understanding. You’ll notice that individuals of low human capital don’t understand concepts like property rights, private ownership or small government. Providing valuable services in exchange for money is an alien idea for these people. For the feckless and incompetent, the right way to build wealth is to take money from others. The rightContinue reading “Thought #28”

Boomer Parenting #23

The consensus of my children is that I’ve held them to high standards while offering little feedback. Apparently, they wish I’d been warmer and less quick to minimize their opinions. In related news, the consensus among my new water ski instructor and I is that my children are high-maintenance pests. So, fire up the boat,Continue reading “Boomer Parenting #23”

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