Daily Life In Ancient Rome

When studying ancient Rome, it is useful to pay particular attention to the first and second century A.D., a time when Roman wealth and influence reached its height. Historians are lucky that this generation of the Empire has bestowed us with the most comprehensive of records detailing Roman life.  Daily Life In Ancient Rome by theContinue reading “Daily Life In Ancient Rome”

Portrait Of An Emotional Vampire

Vampire: George, I’m making lunch. Would you like a sandwich?George: Yes, please. Vampire: Do you want turkey or ham on your sandwich?George: Ham, please.Vampire: (feigning uncertainty) What?George: Ham. Vampire: You said ham?George: Yes. Vampire: So, it’s ham then?George: Yes.Vampire: Not turkey?George: No. Vampire: Ham?George: Yes.Vampire: That’s what you want? George: Yes.Vampire: So, you want ham?George: Yes! For the last time! Yes!Continue reading “Portrait Of An Emotional Vampire”

Pence Fails, Real Americans Step Up

I never trusted Vice President Pence. His cowardice is the ugly outcome of a long and storied tradition of surrender artistry. He should have been a man, choose the side of truth and virtue and tossed out all of the electors from the cheating states. Pence’s desire to do the right thing was not asContinue reading “Pence Fails, Real Americans Step Up”

Brushing Up Against My Past

During college I was lucky enough to study under professors that bedazzled me with the high scholastic quality of their lectures. My favorite was a PHD named Dr. Harvey. Dr. Harvey’s breadth of knowledge was staggering. He had godlike analytical and explanatory abilities. No matter the problem or question, and no matter how complicated or seemingly impenetrable, Dr.Continue reading “Brushing Up Against My Past”

Comments On Max Scheler’s Ressentiment

I spent the afternoon reading the book Ressentiment (1912) by German Phenomenologist Max Scheler.  Ressentiment is a satisfying and gracefully written rejection of Nietzsche’s thesis that Christianity was invented as a defense mechanism by runts to lessen the pain of their inborn inferiority and scapegoat their natural superiors as evil. Scheler convincingly makes the case that Nietzsche profoundly misjudgesContinue reading “Comments On Max Scheler’s Ressentiment”

Boomer Parenting # 22

To hell with boys will be boys. Discipline your kids as if you yourself were never a kid. Respond to the cheerful mischief of childhood with befuddled indignation. Laughing and frolicking is for ne’er do wells, not the children of respectable parents. Call horseplay what it really is, an omen of adolescent violence. If youContinue reading “Boomer Parenting # 22”

Happy Thanksgiving

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Harvest Moon It is the Harvest Moon! On gilded vanesAnd roofs of villages, on woodland crestsAnd their aerial neighborhoods of nestsDeserted, on the curtained window-panesOf rooms where children sleep, on country lanesAnd harvest-fields, its mystic splendor rests!Gone are the birds that were our summer guests,With the last sheaves return the laboringContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

Interview With the Vampire – Mini Book Review

I try to read a good horror novel each October. This year I picked Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice. I had been looking at its red spine peering at me from my book case for some time. So, I dusted it off and cracked open the cover for a good Halloween read. Rating:Continue reading “Interview With the Vampire – Mini Book Review”

This Is What Visiting Las Vegas Is Like

Day 1: This is great. I’m having so much fun. “I’ll take one Coral Cove Daiquiri, please, and make it a double.” Day 2: This is beyond great. Best vacation ever. Isn’t it funny how men keep emerging from behind palm trees to try and sell us cocaine. Haha! Day 3: We should move toContinue reading “This Is What Visiting Las Vegas Is Like”

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