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The French Quarter In January

Chicago is an icy hellscape, so I decide to celebrate the new year with a trip to New Orleans. It’s 71 °F when I step out of Loui Armstrong Airport and into the sticky heat of the south. My driver says he moved to New Orleans from Jordan six years ago. He gives me aContinue reading “The French Quarter In January”


Do Not Read

The internet told me that Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House is said to be “one of the best literary ghost stories published during the 20th century”. Horror nerds fill the forums with corroborating praise. So, I drove to the used book store and I bought a copy and started reading. The book causedContinue reading “Do Not Read”

Witches Brew

October feeds my oversized idealism, ballooning it to grotesque dimensions. Idyllic as they are, the many charms of warm weather months cannot equal October when the satin breeze of hunting season stokes the crackling hearth. When the pantry is ripe with harvest-fresh apples, and lanes with marigolds are fragrant, the soul leaps and sings theContinue reading “Witches Brew”

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