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Pence Fails, Real Americans Step Up

I never trusted Vice President Pence. His cowardice is the ugly outcome of a long and storied tradition of surrender artistry. He should have been a man, choose the side of truth and virtue and tossed out all of the electors from the cheating states. Pence‚Äôs desire to do the right thing was not asContinue reading “Pence Fails, Real Americans Step Up”


What If?

What if, against the odds, Biden is somehow announced winner next Tuesday? There have been many reports of large scale voting fraud perpetrated by progressives. What if the permanently entrenched political elite conspire with mass media to execute a coup? What if the propaganda puppet masters have decided to announce a Biden victory regardless ofContinue reading “What If?”

Peasants Would Be Embarrassed For You

Medieval peasants supported large families working less than half the days of the year, so stop banging on about all the freedoms of your precious liberal democracy and return to you cubicle, slave boy. If peasants time-travelled to our current year and saw the working conditions of the average American, they’d feel sorry for us.

The World Just Got Lighter

Ginsburg had a long and lucrative career destroying freedom of association, subverting once healthy institutions and using the weapons of the State to enforce mediocrity and inertia on a nation she had no hand in building. When she enters the gates of the underworld, soul-bending terror will seize her as she realizes her punishment isContinue reading “The World Just Got Lighter”