I Can’t Go On

Please tell Tom Clancy that technical details about weaponry and submarine mechanics is not story telling. I’m 200 pages in and half of what I’ve read amounts to military tech porn. This novel had potential. A Soviet submarine captain goes rouge, defecting to America, after an incompetent, communist (I repeat myself) doctor kills his wifeContinue reading “I Can’t Go On”

Comments On Max Scheler’s Ressentiment

I spent the afternoon reading the book Ressentiment (1912) by German Phenomenologist Max Scheler.  Ressentiment is a satisfying and gracefully written rejection of Nietzsche’s thesis that Christianity was invented as a defense mechanism by runts to lessen the pain of their inborn inferiority and scapegoat their natural superiors as evil. Scheler convincingly makes the case that Nietzsche profoundly misjudgesContinue reading “Comments On Max Scheler’s Ressentiment”

Interview With the Vampire – Mini Book Review

I try to read a good horror novel each October. This year I picked Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice. I had been looking at its red spine peering at me from my book case for some time. So, I dusted it off and cracked open the cover for a good Halloween read. Rating:Continue reading “Interview With the Vampire – Mini Book Review”

5 Classic Novels I Didn’t Enjoy

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Painfully inferior to it’s older brother,  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn one after the other. The difference in quality is striking. Huck Finn lacks the insight, humor and compelling story of Tom Sawyer. Twain’s trademark erudite voice is lost. Instead we get aContinue reading “5 Classic Novels I Didn’t Enjoy”

#1 – Bright Lights, Big City BOOK REVIEW

Do you remember when you first broke away from the familiar rituals and warm safety of your parent’s home? Before your departure, every person you’d ever known was a rural, midwestern white person or a second generation, Americanized Mexican. After 18 years of this arrangement, you began to believe that unworldy, small-town folks with aContinue reading “#1 – Bright Lights, Big City BOOK REVIEW”

When the Pitch Is Better Than the Real Thing – A Partial Review of the Book Crow Killer

Novels that fail to satisfy our expectations deserve a spot next to bad cigars and unrequited love as representative of life’s most painful letdowns. Brief backstory – I’m one of these nuts that’s actually sort of enjoying quarantine. Working from home means more time with loved ones, staying up/sleeping in later, saying goodbye to aContinue reading “When the Pitch Is Better Than the Real Thing – A Partial Review of the Book Crow Killer”

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