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I Was Wrong About Trump

It certainly appears so, at least.  Biden didn’t win. Corporate media knows it. Politicians know it. The American people know. The world knows. Trump knows that his historic, landslide victory was stolen by the same people that talk about democracy and suffrage like sacrosanct entitlements from God.  The statistical anomalies are unprecedented. The impossibly massiveContinue reading “I Was Wrong About Trump”


Daily Life In Ancient Rome

When studying ancient Rome, it is useful to pay particular attention to the first and second century A.D., a time when Roman wealth and influence reached its height. Historians are lucky that this generation of the Empire has bestowed us with the most comprehensive of records detailing Roman life.  Daily Life In Ancient Rome by theContinue reading “Daily Life In Ancient Rome”

Interesting Facts About Karl Marx

Karl Marx was an incompetent manager of his own money and a frequenter of his local pawn shop. At one point, he was the only person able to leave his house, because he owned the family’s last pair of pants. Marx wrote about finance and industry his whole life, but he had practically no contactContinue reading “Interesting Facts About Karl Marx”