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Do Not Read

The internet told me that Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House is said to be “one of the best literary ghost stories published during the 20th century”. Horror nerds fill the forums with corroborating praise. So, I drove to the used book store and I bought a copy and started reading. The book causedContinue reading “Do Not Read”


Being A Grown Up Feels Like Punishment

I have a giant, existential chip on my shoulder. My default emotional state is bored, gloomy irritation. Especially with the chores and social obligations that make up the bulk of waking life. I resent the passionless, undifferentiated routines of adulthood. It takes a lot to make my happy. It takes very little to upset me.Continue reading “Being A Grown Up Feels Like Punishment”

Super Hero Popularity As Symptom Of Cultural Failure

Do you remember when super hero lore was a fringe hobby for invisible dorkuses? Those were the days. Back then, if you saw a man wearing a Batman shirt, you assumed he had a learning disability. You felt sorry for him. Praise be the day superheroes return to the ghettos of entertainment and pop cultureContinue reading “Super Hero Popularity As Symptom Of Cultural Failure”

Boomer Parenting # 22

To hell with boys will be boys. Discipline your kids as if you yourself were never a kid. Respond to the cheerful mischief of childhood with befuddled indignation. Laughing and frolicking is for ne’er do wells, not the children of respectable parents. Call horseplay what it really is, an omen of adolescent violence. If youContinue reading “Boomer Parenting # 22”

Interesting Ideas From Plato’s Republic

Free resources = insanity “But tell me this: does excessive pleasure have anything in common with moderation?” “How could it,” he said, “since it puts men out of their minds noless than pain?” Petty = unenlightened “In your opinion, is this really baser,” I said, “than when someone not only wastes most of his lifeContinue reading “Interesting Ideas From Plato’s Republic”

My Favorite 10 Cigars Of The Past 2 Years (Part 1)

Capitulo II by La Flor Dominicana I bought this smoke because of it’s red and wonderfully oily Nicaraguan wrapper topped with a lovely chisel-tip head. I’ve heard The Capitulo II called a one-trick pony of flavor. That may be a bit true, but -HOT DAMN – it’s a great trick! The sensations experienced when enjoyingContinue reading “My Favorite 10 Cigars Of The Past 2 Years (Part 1)”