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Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever

Many of my friend’s, co-workers and family members are going thoroughly stir crazy with cabin fever. Not I, though. For me, premium tobacco, cold beer and interesting books mitigate the distress caused by the slings and arrows of this mortal coil.

With businesses shutting down across the United States, and reports of Coronavirus multiplying with every news cycle, many cigar stores remain open despite this time of national crisis. Most have closed their lounge areas and reduced staff, but still allow customers to buy cigars. Others have had to close their shops completely. And for a lucky few, it’s still business as usual.

All of my favorite cigar spots are covertly supplying sticks to their loyal customers despite warnings from law enforcement. It’s fun to creep through the dimly lit humidors of Chicago, whispering your cigar order through a surgical mask. It feels like being a speakeasy patron during prohibition.


Fake Pandemic Kills Fake American Economy

Unemployment rates skyrocket, because the government prevents Americans from being productive.

It is a stunning number that’s only topped by levels reached during the Great Depression (there was no official unemployment report at the time but the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates unemployment may have reached 25%). The largest decrease in employment on record occurred in September 1945 when 1.96 million people lost their jobs affecting 3.3% of the workforce.

Keep in mind that next month’s employment report will almost certainly show another large increase in lost jobs. Over the past seven weeks 33.5 million people have filed for unemployment insurance and this number could increase to at least 35 million by the time May’s surveys are taken next week.

Solace is given to my fellow Americans unable to work. Nevertheless, any economy as financialized as ours has become, an economy in which 77% of GDP is debt held by the public is an evil and insane system worthy of the big, red reset button. We live in interesting times.

The European Nations Grounded Until June 15

I’ve had my heart set on vacationing in England before summer’s end, but this man-eating virus might shatter my plans…

Today the European Commission made an official request to the European Parliament and European Council to extend the travel ban for another month, to June 15, 2020.

The temporary travel restriction applies to “all non-essential travel from third countries to the EU+ area,” reads the communication. The European countries will prioritize opening borders between EU countries before opening up the bloc to the rest of the world.

Rats! I hope the gates of Europe open to the rest of the world before autumn. Although, despite my disappointment, I do understand the concerns of the European Commission. COVID-19 is not a joke. Don’t forget that this pandemic has already annihilated .0005 of the English populace! With odds like that, I would likely be wiped out by the Corona Beast immediately upon exiting the Heathrow Airport.

Flynn Is Free

Loyalty to the alpha dog often pays dividends

Only after that December 2017 plea deal did Flynn grasp the new reality: Cooperating with authorities might get you off easy, but staying loyal to the president will get you off entirely. So even though he’d already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, Flynn changed his mind, tried to withdraw his plea, and began fighting the prosecutors he’d promised to help tooth and nail..

It was a bold move, the sort of unorthodox strategy for which he’d become famous as an intelligence officer. And today it paid off, as the government moved to drop all charges against Flynn. The reversal, from confessed felon to scot-free, is a microcosm of how dramatically the rule of law has weakened during the Trump administration.

The swamp creatures weep. Trump is without question one of the greatest American Presidents to dignify D.C. with his residence, so let’s not be stunned if he manages to pardon the fraudulently convicted Roger Stone.