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Working From Home

A new study has found that freeing oneself from grueling commutes, swarming cubicle farms and constant interruptions is really stressful. He’s not the only one, a recent survey from found that more than 50% of people were feeling burnout working from home. Many people unintentionally working longer hours. The study said 52% of peopleContinue reading “Working From Home”


Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever

Many of my friend’s, co-workers and family members are going thoroughly stir crazy with cabin fever. Not I, though. For me, premium tobacco, cold beer and interesting books mitigate the distress caused by the slings and arrows of this mortal coil. With businesses shutting down across the United States, and reports of Coronavirus multiplying withContinue reading “Cigars, the Best Cure for Cabin Fever”