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Pray For My Palate

I knew I had the China Virus when I woke up with no smell or taste in November. Two months have past. I still haven’t regained use of my taste buds or fragrance sensors. The only way I’m able to smell is by lowering my nose into a container of spice and inhaling deeply. EvenContinue reading “Pray For My Palate”


Working From Home

A new study has found that freeing oneself from grueling commutes, swarming cubicle farms and constant interruptions is really stressful. He’s not the only one, a recent survey from found that more than 50% of people were feeling burnout working from home. Many people unintentionally working longer hours. The study said 52% of peopleContinue reading “Working From Home”

What Happened To COVID-19?

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and it’s gone. The air of America is so thick with wokeness all the virus cells were shoved off the coasts and sank to the bottom of the oceans. Actually, wait. I guess not. The wave of mass protests across the United States will almost certainly set off new chains of infection for theContinue reading “What Happened To COVID-19?”

America Was Never Meant To Be A Nation OF Immigrants

COVID-19 (the grand daddy of all problem-reaction-solution events) has killed 30 million America jobs. So, why on earth would any sane leader of the USG allow immigrants to enter the nation during a time of crisis and economic uncertainty to polish off the last of the remaining work?

How Many Universities Will Corona Kill?

One the the many possible beneficial side effects of the fake COVID-19 pandemic is the arrival of the feasible chance that many young people may, voting with their wallets, decide to pull the plug on the leech-like universities of the Western world. He said: “Students have an extraordinary responsibility this year because for the firstContinue reading “How Many Universities Will Corona Kill?”

Fake Pandemic Kills Fake American Economy

Unemployment rates skyrocket, because the government prevents Americans from being productive. It is a stunning number that’s only topped by levels reached during the Great Depression (there was no official unemployment report at the time but the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates unemployment may have reached 25%). The largest decrease in employment on record occurredContinue reading “Fake Pandemic Kills Fake American Economy”