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The World Just Got Lighter

Ginsburg had a long and lucrative career destroying freedom of association, subverting once healthy institutions and using the weapons of the State to enforce mediocrity and inertia on a nation she had no hand in building. When she enters the gates of the underworld, soul-bending terror will seize her as she realizes her punishment isContinue reading “The World Just Got Lighter”


Collapse Around The Corner

A handful of alternative media political analysts I enjoy have recently asserted that America is not on a path to civil war and balkanization. They say that racial tension and political instability is nothing new for the United States. Today’s discord is not qualitatively different than the clashes of yesterday. So, we will make likeContinue reading “Collapse Around The Corner”

I’m Running Out of Popcorn

The fallout caused by the supposed death of George Floyd is as riveting as an expertly written dystopian sci-fi novel. I’m almost out of popcorn, but I have no shortage of questions… Is he really dead? George Floyd, I mean. If so, did the police kill him? Floyd was shouting about not being able toContinue reading “I’m Running Out of Popcorn”

George Floyd Zombies Bare Fangs In Chicago

Idiots are smashing windows and using cars and buses as trampolines a few miles from my house. After intense clashes overnight, a Loop protest has escalated with thousands of demonstrators marching, burning at least one flag, climbing onto a bus and a light pole and surrounding police officers on Saturday afternoon. As of 3:30 p.m.,Continue reading “George Floyd Zombies Bare Fangs In Chicago”

You Shouldn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

At the same time, I do suggest that you occasionally pause to soak up and savor the small moments of insanity and sickness that you’re afforded a ringside view of as a denizen of a 21st century, post-American corporatocracy. Example: My boss has reprimanded me more than once for calling him ‘dude’. This happens becauseContinue reading “You Shouldn’t Sweat the Small Stuff”