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Thought #28

Ability before understanding. You’ll notice that individuals of low human capital don’t understand concepts like property rights, private ownership or small government. Providing valuable services in exchange for money is an alien idea for these people. For the feckless and incompetent, the right way to build wealth is to take money from others. The rightContinue reading “Thought #28”


Portrait Of An Emotional Vampire

Vampire: George, I’m making lunch. Would you like a sandwich?George: Yes, please. Vampire: Do you want turkey or ham on your sandwich?George: Ham, please.Vampire: (feigning uncertainty) What?George: Ham. Vampire: You said ham?George: Yes. Vampire: So, it’s ham then?George: Yes.Vampire: Not turkey?George: No. Vampire: Ham?George: Yes.Vampire: That’s what you want? George: Yes.Vampire: So, you want ham?George: Yes! For the last time! Yes!Continue reading “Portrait Of An Emotional Vampire”