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Ahmaud Arbery Was Just Jogging…

…and Michael Brown was only teasing when he lunged for Officer Wilson’s pistol. Also, Trayvon Martin was simply walking home and looking forward to sharing some Twizzlers with his grandmother until George Zimmerman sprung from a manhole and shot him through the heart. Oh, and Shaun King is a trustworthy and virtuous man, not a glob of resentful, opportunistic scum-froth who will say and do absolutely anything he believes will benefit himself.

Do you know who these two race-hustlers are? If you pay attention, you know that Black Lives Matter co-founder Shaun King (a.k.a. Talcum X, Martin Luther Cream, or W.E.B. De Fraud) and lawyer Lee Merritt are Morehouse College buddies who have been partners in anti-white, anti-cop agitation for upwards of two decades.

On Tuesday, King posted a leaked video that immediately went viral of “Just a Jogger” Ahmaud Arbery, whose family Merritt represents. Dissatisfied with the results of a Waycross, Georgia, D.A.’s decision in February not to arrest two armed white men involved in chasing and fatally shooting Arbery, whom they suspected of burglary, someone in possession of the clip somehow got it into social media master King’s hands. King’s post of the purloined video has racked up more than 7 million views, whipping up instant, knee-jerk outrage from LeBron James to Whoopi Goldberg to Joe Biden to some of the same ConInc virtue-signaling simps who threw the Covington boys under the bus.

Gee, who could have leaked the video to King, such that it “emerged” out of nowhere and rocketed into the media stratosphere?

If you pay attention, you will recall that Shaun King and Lee Merritt teamed up to perpetrate the Sherita Dixon-Cole hate crime hoax of 2018. Dixon-Cole, who is black, falsely accused innocent white Texas state trooper Daniel Hubbard of raping her during a traffic stop. Her lawyer was Merritt. King “broke” the viral story and everything was going swimmingly until law enforcement released the 2-hour bodycam video showing…no such thing.


Read the whole thing for deeper context.

One thing is for certain, special victim groups need better representation if they hope to ever convince non-vibrant America of the validity of the institutional oppression narrative. When nearly all of your martyrs, poster boys and leaders are a mix of moronic criminals and malicious fraudsters, white privilege may not be your community’s most concerning obstacle.

Just saying!


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