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Working From Home

Working From Home

A new study has found that freeing oneself from grueling commutes, swarming cubicle farms and constant interruptions is really stressful.

He’s not the only one, a recent survey from found that more than 50% of people were feeling burnout working from home. Many people unintentionally working longer hours. The study said 52% of people haven’t made plans to take off work to decompress.

Yeah, I don’t believe the veracity of the findings of your goofy study, though. Nearly everyone I know spends one hour of each workday in a spirited debate over whether their little clique should order carryout barbecue or have sushi delivered. Another four hours is spent socializing with coworkers or with friends and family members via text and Facebook. So, even if working from home means a general increase in work load, lack of office distractions should still give the average person a few extra hours of free time.

A lot of people are in the same position as my secretary – they’re doing the work of three employees to make up for COVID-19 related layoffs. So, that sucks.

Pandemic or not, it must be said that OBVIOUSLY a totalitarian and life-denying bureaucracy obsessed with productivity and efficiency is the real reason why the poor souls of the West watch the heydays pass by unengaged as we all “log activities”, “grow Year-Over-Year” and “do what’s best for company”.


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